Planets & The 7th House of Partnership

Planets occuring in the 7th House in a birth chart will affect an individual's relationships with the qualities and motivation of that planet. Natural benefics (the Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Jupiter) won't necessarily just be good for relationships. They could be afflicted, in challenging condition, or ruling difficult houses, bringing those challenges into relationships by … Continue reading Planets & The 7th House of Partnership

Compatible? But How’s Your Communication?

Most people who use Western Astrology compare Sun signs with family, friends, and partners to consider compatibility. Vedic Astrologers look to the Moon signs for compatibility. Each system has its beneficial reasons for doing so. But even when the Sun or Moon signs are fairly compatible, if communication isn’t comfortable between two people, the relationship … Continue reading Compatible? But How’s Your Communication?

Cultivating Compassion with Astrology

Most people who consult astrologers tend to do so for their own purpose—for insight into their career, love life, and finances-- and that’s good. We want to know what's going on and what possibilities are available to us. But what if we consider understanding the timeless wisdom of astrology to cultivate compassion for others? Analyzing … Continue reading Cultivating Compassion with Astrology