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Astrology showed up during my childhood thanks to my father’s sisters, Regina and Maria. As a young adult I enjoyed long discussions with my aunts. Regina studied Western Astrology during the 1970’s and supported my desire to delve into the exciting subject. She was generous with her time, knowledge, and notebooks for many years while Maria became a constant source of encouragement, supporting my interest in what most people considered a bunch of woo-woo.

After studying with my aunt, I met my “soul sista” and dear friend, Patrice. We dug into our charts regularly, visited psychics, did our own card readings, studied numerology, and explored local metaphysical bookstores in search of the next good book. In late 2001, she gently nudged me further into astrology by introducing me to Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish or Indian Astrology.

My formal education began in 2002 when I enrolled in the Ayurvedic Astrology course (formerly known as The Astrology of the Seers course) with Acharya Vamadeva Shastri -David Frawley, Vedic scholar, astrology teacher, and author. (During this time I took the leap and made the full-blown shift from Western to Vedic Astrology.) I continued my studies with my primary tutor, Vedic Astrologer, Sanskrit instructor, and author Penny Farrow. In 2003, I passed the American College of Vedic Astrology certification exam in Sedona, Arizona and later received the title Jyotish Visharada from the Council of Vedic Astrology. I have taken continuing education courses with Sam Geppi, a colleague whom I have watched blossom into a bright and prolific Vedic Astrologer, author, teacher, and YouTube influencer.

I also began practicing meditation, studying formally with my first instructor back in 1992. I completed the Transformation Meditation program in 2004 with Sherri Wade and delved deeper into advanced Consciousness Studies beginning in 2007 with The Mudrashram Institute of Spiritual Studies which continues to inspire my meditation practice today.

Although I am a certified professional astrologer, an approved Vedic Astrology teacher through the Council of Vedic Astrology and have been a featured guest author on several occasions at Astrologic Magazine, I am currently working full-time in the commercial building industry, a career that spans over three decades. While I’m not providing readings professionally at this time, I share this blog with Vedic Astrology enthusiasts (and anyone who’s curious) in an effort to keep the flame burning until I retire from my day job and have the time and energy to commit to readings and teaching. I believe anyone can benefit from understanding themselves and their family and friends better through astrology and I look forward to supporting students on their journeys of discovery.

A few years ago I relocated from Charleston, SC back to my hometown in upstate New York where there’s more deer than people and the wild Catskill mountain wind reminds me of the tropical storms down south.

This was the beautiful deer family who visited each morning for a breakfast of bread and apples. Now, the boys are elusive bucks and Momma just gave birth to another little one this spring.

Here’s an updated picture of our beautiful deer and her newest fawns. Two are pictured, but there’s actually three! They are the cutest!

Anyhow, 🙂 if you have any questions or wish to contact me about Vedic Astrology, my email is renatembell@aol.com

Shine your Light~