Carrie-Anne Moss: Fierce Grace in Life and Onscreen

Fierce. Grace. Two words that beautifully describe actor Carrie-Anne Moss, best known for her breakout role as Trinity in The Matrix. Two words Carrie-Anne uses herself at Annapurna Living, the online community she founded to empower women primarily through meditation and mindfulness (referred to as the Fierce Grace Collective). Based on August 21, 1967 4:05pm … Continue reading Carrie-Anne Moss: Fierce Grace in Life and Onscreen

Current Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction (2023)

Watching the news tonight, I'm hearing of at least two incidents that reflect the current Jupiter-Rahu conjunction in Aries. Jupiter represents law and justice. Rahu represents the masses and/or mobs. Union Square Park in NYC was mobbed yesterday (8/4/2023) when a 21-year old social media influencer posted that his fans should meet him at the … Continue reading Current Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction (2023)