Current Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction (2023)

Watching the news tonight, I’m hearing of at least two incidents that reflect the current Jupiter-Rahu conjunction in Aries. Jupiter represents law and justice. Rahu represents the masses and/or mobs. Union Square Park in NYC was mobbed yesterday (8/4/2023) when a 21-year old social media influencer posted that his fans should meet him at the park where he’d hand out free gaming equipment. Right now, it’s not even clear whether he actually had the items to give away or if he was ‘busting people’s chops’ as a comedian. Rahu also represents confusion and shady characters and dealings. Although some police officers sustained minor injuries, thankfully, the police were able to de-escalate the crowd within a few hours.

I also just heard about a judge in Southern California, charged with murdering his wife. Jupiter represents a judge or authority of the law and lawyers, while Rahu can create toxicity and unexpected, unusual events. Both Jupiter and Rahu are in Aries currently and show the possiblilty for violence and harm that could arise now as Aries is ruled by Mars, a warrior planet who represents both cops (on the positive side) and criminals (on the shadow side). Mars is the planet that could inflict pain on oneself or another. Jupiter could justify the reasons. And Rahu would be the unstable, out of control desire and obsession (magnifying Jupiter’s motives and Mars’ by rulership).

Where is the Jupiter-Rahu conjunction in your chart? What house is ruled by Aries? Look at the things and people that are represented by that house and consider how this conjunction is affecting you personally. Keep in mind the positivity that can come from these two planets as well such as opportunity, grace, and prosperity from Jupiter and the pursuit and achievement of goals from Rahu. Remember also, that Rahu’s close proximity to Jupiter amplifies everything that Jupiter suggests. Since Rahu is a natural malefic (challenging, disruptive) and Aries is ruled by natural malefic Mars, the tendency for difficult situations such as violence, accidents, fires, and harrassment is highly probable particularly for people with the inability to control their emotions, lack maturity, or just feel the ‘need to bust out’ because this is a great conjunction to do just that.

Be safe and let me know if you hear about anything else related to this Jupiter-Rahu transit or, if you want to share what’s going on in your own life.

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