Carrie-Anne Moss: Fierce Grace in Life and Onscreen

Fierce. Grace. Two words that beautifully describe actor Carrie-Anne Moss, best known for her breakout role as Trinity in The Matrix. Two words Carrie-Anne uses herself at Annapurna Living, the online community she founded to empower women primarily through meditation and mindfulness (referred to as the Fierce Grace Collective).

Based on August 21, 1967 4:05pm Burnaby, British Columbia Canada with an C Rating, Carrie-Anne has Scorpio Rising (Ascendant sign) in her Vedic Astrology birth chart (based on the sidereal system which differs from Western Astrology). Her Ascendant ruler is Mars, which gives her the ability to be ‘fierce’. As the warrior, Mars will defend and protect and carry out its marching orders. But this highly active planet is positioned in her 12th House (isolation, hidden things) where action may be tempered or refined by a strong sense of spiritual awareness. In fact, this placement shows an underlying motivation towards spiritual growth. How many actors- after starring in a mega-blockbuster movie- step back from the incredible upswing in their career to get married, start a family, and from the foundation of their own spiritual practice and innate yearning start teaching others how to live an authentic conscious life of love, wisdom, and power? That defines her ‘grace’.

With Rahu in the 6th House in Aries, Carrie-Anne is motivated to uplift, to serve in some capacity, and it makes sense that this inner calling comes through action and building something (Mars) be it her career, family, or Annapurna Living (really, all of it!). Rahu shows where she can shine and make a difference. Ketu (the past; in the 12th House of the past) suggests that Carrie-Anne has already developed spiritually (in this life or a past life) and that she is now using what she’s developed to help herself and others (Rahu in the 6th House). Much of her ‘fierceness’ comes through the Mars-ruled signs, Aries (6th House) and Scorpio (1st House). Aries gives her an independent nature, willing to lead and initiate. She can be an inspiring innovator. Scorpio shows that she’s someone who is interested in richly meaningful experiences and connections with deep emotional awareness, in vulnerability and power. Scorpio is the feminine expression of Mars while Aries is the masculine Mars expression and with their prominence in Carrie-Anne’s chart, they show another level of ‘fierce grace’ in their combined masculine-feminine energy.

Guiding her activity, molding her drive behind the ‘fierceness’ is the gentleness, caring, devotional nature, and love that comes through her exalted Jupiter in Cancer. From the 9th House of dharma (living one’s truth), Jupiter aspects Carrie-Anne’s Ascendant like a spiritual guru lighting the way to positive outcomes, her inner guide and her intuition keeping her in check. Jupiter occurs in Ashlesha nakshatra, a lunar asterim that represents the kundalini shakti. (Carrie-Anne’s meditation techniques are associated with Kundalini Yoga).

Cancer is Divine Mother at its ultimate expression, a role Carrie-Anne easily aspires to, and is ruled by the Moon. Annapurna Living works with the cycles of the Moon in its mindfulness practices. (While the work touches on all planets, there’s a distinct emphasis on the Moon.) Her natal Moon creates a Raja Yoga (formed by Full Moon aspected by a planet in its own sign, in her case Sun in Leo). The Moon and Mercury, as rulers of the 9th and 11th Houses, respectively, while in mutual aspect, form a Dhana Yoga of wealth. Her Moon is in Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra, giving her spiritual depth, intuition, self-reliance, and is associated with priests and ascetics.

Jupiter is the planet of grace, prosperity, and abundance as well as the indicator of a spiritual teacher or guru. Not only does she have great capacity and a life purpose to nurture (exalted Jupiter in Cancer 9th House), she can lead others spiritually, teaching by example and from the heart, how to live bolding and gracefully. The beautiful placement of exalted Jupiter in the 9th House also suggests gains from a respectable, beneficial guru in this lifetime. From the 9th House, Jupiter aspects the Ascendant, making its influence (and the guru’s influence) a direct effect in her life but also aspects her 5th House of purva punya (good deeds performed in past lives or good past life karma). The 5th House is also the house of children, reinforcing her love of children (she has three) and that of entertainment.

The year 1999 was pretty epic and so completely life-changing for Carrie-Anne Moss. The Matrix was released, becoming an international phenomenon with award-winning CGI and stunt choreography in particular. Audiences worldwide watched stunning, never before seen action that paved the way for new techniques and advancement in film. But behind the eye candy rested a solid foundation- a great story blending sci-fi and spirituality seamlessly. Without the deep storyline and timeless love story, it’s possible that Carrie-Anne wouldn’t have been interested in the part. But both were there, and that movie- that franchise- would not have been the same without Carrie-Anne and her embodiment of Trinity. Trinity, like Carrie-Anne is fierce grace. Personally, Carrie-Anne also got married to her husband in 1999 also. They are still married (and that, dear reader, also takes fierce grace!)

Carrie-Anne was running Mercury dasha (main planetary period)/Venus bhukti (subperiod) in 1999. Mercury rules her 8th House of change and transformation and is in the 10th House of fame and status. In the Dashamsha (divisional chart of power and status) Mercury is Vargottama, aspecting the Ascendant and is unaspected itself, and is in a Parivartana Yoga with the Sun, giving it strength. Mercury is also well-placed in the 4th House of the Navamsha (divisional chart of life purpose and/or the partner) and is also unaspected. Mercury is conjunct the Sun, both Vargottama in the 4th House of the Chaturtamsha (divisional chart of fortunes), aspected by benefics Venus from the 10th House and Jupiter from the 12th House.
Most, if not all, of her children were born during her Mercury dasha. Mercury conjuncts the Moon (motherhood) aspecting the 5th House of children in the Saptamsha (divisional chart of progeny) and is unafflicted.

Mercury and Venus occupy the 10th House of Carrie-Anne’s natal chart and with Jupiter form a Saraswati Yoga. (Mercury and Venus occupy Kendras while Jupiter is in a Trikona and exalted). She also has Mercury and Venus creating five of six Dharma Karma Adipati Yogas that occur in her chart, making these two planets, in particular, key players to give ‘rise in life’, to manifest extraordinary opportunities. The rise in fame and the coming together with her husband of nearly a quarter century almost simultaneously is quite extraordinary. Carrie-Anne put in a lot of hard work in her role as Trinity, and it paid off in a big way. Her Saturn is strong by retrogression in the 5th House of entertainment, ruled and aspected by exalted Jupiter. Through perseverance and determination great things can come out of Carrie-Anne’s creative expression.

No life is all wine and roses. Carrie-Anne’s 12th House Mars, although becoming an ally for her spiritual growth, can still cause problems, including issues like a lack of recognition or one’s actions being overlooked or taken for granted or impatience when dealing with others, and could inflict conflict within partnerships as Mars aspects the 7th House and with younger siblings due to Mars’ aspect to the 3rd House (I believe Carrie-Anne has a younger brother). Also Saturn in the 5th, although aspected by Jupiter, still influences the 7th House of marriage, 11th House of goals and aspirations, and the 2nd House of income- which could cause some obstacles and obstructions.

While her well-placed exalted Jupiter represents a very benefic husband, the 7th House of marriage (as mentioned above) is aspected by two natural malefics (Saturn from the 5th House and Mars from the 12th). However, with her spiritual maturity, these ‘forces’ may work in her favor, keeping the structure and longevity (Saturn) of their commitment ‘alive’ and keeping their passion and desire to continue building (Mars) their life together active. These placements of Saturn and Mars also show disruptions or conflicts that can be caused by her career in entertainment (5th House) and all the travel necessary as part of the work (12th House). However, even that seems to be supported to a degree by a great partner (Jupiter aspecting Saturn and the 5th House).

On December 22, 2021, The Matrix: Resurrections was released with Carrie-Anne returning to her role as Trinity, while she was running Venus dasha/Venus bhukti. Remember, Venus is strong by retrogression and creates a Raja Yoga with the Moon (9th House ruler Moon in a mutual aspect with 7th House ruler Venus) in the 10th House of fame and ‘the stage’. Actually, looking deeper, Carrie-Anne was running Venus/Venus/Mercury recreating a similar burst of popularity and success like in 1999 during Mercury/Venus and triggering her Saraswati and Dharma Karma Adipati Yogas to manifest good things once again.

For someone with a growing family and the deep desire for inner work and spiritual attainment, Carrie-Anne has had a busy career, especially after the phenomenal success of The Matrix in 1999. It’s interesting to note that her Ascendant, Moon, Sun, and Mercury are in ‘Artha’ nakshatras, which direct her towards material achievements, seemingly contradicting her innate spiritual aspirations. But this, too, she teaches by example in Annapurna Living, leading women to become capable in their own ways of living their best human life and their best spiritual life in balance… with fierce grace.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks forward to seeing what else Carrie-Anne creates in the future, as an actor and as a spiritual teacher.


Renate Maria Bell is a certified Vedic Astrologery, Jyotish Visharada, and approved teacher through the Council of Vedic Astrology. She can be reached at

Images of Carrie-Anne Moss courtesy Wikipedia; Image of Carrie-Anne Moss’ birth chart courtesy Shri Jyoti Star software of which the author is a licensed user.

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