Planets & the 7th House of Partnership, Part 2

Mercury in the 7th house can show an individual who readily connects to others through communication and will need open dialogue with their partners. Depending on Mercury's condition and the sign it occupies, they could become excessively talkative, possibly ttoo trivial, superficial and gossipy. On the other hand, if Mercury's in good condition and well-aspected, … Continue reading Planets & the 7th House of Partnership, Part 2

Compatible? But How’s Your Communication?

Most people who use Western Astrology compare Sun signs with family, friends, and partners to consider compatibility. Vedic Astrologers look to the Moon signs for compatibility. Each system has its beneficial reasons for doing so. But even when the Sun or Moon signs are fairly compatible, if communication isn’t comfortable between two people, the relationship … Continue reading Compatible? But How’s Your Communication?

Ludwig Bemelmans and Madeline

Madeline, the 1939 children’s book written and illustrated by Ludwig Bemelmans, remains one of the major classics in children’s literature. The original story set in Paris, France and presented in rhyme with bright illustrations was named a Caldecott Honor Book in 1940 and was the first of Bemelmans' books followed by sixteen more. In 1954, … Continue reading Ludwig Bemelmans and Madeline