Planets & the 7th House of Partnership, Part 2

Mercury in the 7th house can show an individual who readily connects to others through communication and will need open dialogue with their partners. Depending on Mercury’s condition and the sign it occupies, they could become excessively talkative, possibly ttoo trivial, superficial and gossipy. On the other hand, if Mercury’s in good condition and well-aspected, they could attract outspoken, intelligent partners and/or contribute intelligently to their partnerships. Mercury is flexible and kind of chameleon-like, taking on qualities of other planets (when in conjunction with them, or of the planet who rules the sign Mercury’s in if Mercury is alone and unaspected). So this can be someone who would get along fairly well with others and be adaptable. When Mercury, as the planet of business and commerce, is in the 7th, the native may work with their partner. Mercury is also the planet of childishness, wit, and humor, making the native someone who enjoys having fun and can be mischievous but who also might need to grow up.

Jupiter in the 7th House can give the individual many opportunities and experiences through partnerships. Depending on its condition and the sign Jupiter is in, they may tend to believe they need others to achieve their goals, relying on others for their own growth. They may bring grace, hope, and a deep faith to the partnership. Jupiter is the law and justice, which could create a controlling and manipulative partner or an innate sense of fairness, a partner who is charitable and altruistic. Jupiter, the planet that represents children, will have kids at the center of relationships. Issues around children and spending time developing relationships with children will be seen. It could also show that the partnership is based on a true friendship. Jupiter also represents the teacher, priest, or guru so the person may be highly inspirational for their partner or seek out inspiring people. They may prefer (or insist) on a partner of the same faith, or push their own religious beliefs on their partner.

Venus in the 7th House looks for social connections, fulfilling the desire to be active with their partnerships. Doing things together is important, such as dancing, dining out, home improvement, decorating, and gardening. The partner is likely quite attractive physically, friendly, and agreeable. Venus represents the creative arts in all forms. Partnerships may develop through artistic endeavors or creative projects. A love of beauty and aesthetics or a love of nature may be shared between the partners. Venus represents women in general, so the partner may be feminine (regardless of gender), making them non-aggressive, non-confrontational and perhaps (depending on sign and condition) a bit too laid back. Venus is the knowledgeable teacher, which could make the individual condescending to their partner if not careful, or innately supportive and willing to learn new things as needed and share the knowledge gained.

We’ll look at Saturn and the lunar Nodes next time. (If you missed the post about the Sun, Moon, and Mars in the 7th House, you can click here.)

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