Kate Mulgrew’s Planets and Why She’s the Perfect Janeway

I’m a huge Star Trek fan. So, as an astrologer, it was only a matter of time before I started digging into the birth dates of cast members. There’s something about observing the planets in the actors’ birth charts in comparison to the roles they play and the interactions between them on screen. (I enjoyed doing this with the Harry Potter cast, which you can read about here.) Unfortunately, I’m unable to find the times of birth, which means I don’t have actual birth charts to use. The only method of observation is to see where the planets are (what signs they’re in). It’s less efficient (I can hear Seven of Nine saying, “Unacceptable”) but the planets and the signs give us a glimpse. Good enough for me. I’ll take it.

I’ve been a fan of Star Trek since Next Generation and have streamed the television shows (Next Gen, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise) over and over. Originally Next Gen was my favorite, then DS9. But having watched Voyager start to finish five times now, I have to say, it is my new favorite (with Picard and Strange New Worlds in the running to be sure). Yes, there’s a female captain on Voyager– but I do love Picard, Sisko, and Archer and Pike’s growing on me. What I love about Voyager is the over-arching storyline of getting home.

For that reason, I’m reviewing here the planets and the signs they occupy for April 29, 1955 – the birth day of Kate Mulgrew, a history-making, award-winning actress and author, with a comparison between her and her groundbreaking character, Captain Katherine Janeway.

Kate is the only core cast member with exalted Sun in Aries (remember I use Vedic Astrology). Aries is the pioneer, leader, the independent warrior and is ruled by Mars. Aries is the innovator and initiator. In her role as Captain Janeway, the entire story arc is about her maiden voyage, captaining the crew of the USS Voyager, a starship of exploration lost in the Delta quadrant, and their journey home while making friends and enemies along the way. Mulgrew is the first female captain in Star Trek history and she’s in command of Starfleet’s fastest and most powerful starship (at that time). A woman with Sun in Aries makes an appropriate, well-suited commander. But Aries people don’t necessarily make good team players and, if not careful, can be quite alone at the top.

Following Sun in Aries, Kate has Mars in Taurus. This position of Mars (2nd from the Sun) can make her quite defensive (where Mars fights to protect and uphold the Sun- ego/identity). She can be rigid but stable in action (get out of her way once she sets her mind to a goal or cause). She is, in a word, brave. With Mars ahead of the Sun, Kate takes her marching orders, accomplishes what she’s intended, and probably forges her own way, breaking new ground, innovating, and steering herself right to her target (and maybe breaking some rules here and there in the process—like Captain Janeway does with the “almighty Prime Directive”).

The beautiful thing about Kate’s bold Sun and steady Mars is the balance of feminine emotion and intuition that comes through her Moon in Cancer. We see this integrity within Captain Janeway as well- often enforcing and leading (Sun), protecting and defending (Mars) while mothering, guiding, counseling and comforting with the tender touch of a strong Moon (who gains strength being in its own sign, Cancer).

Kate also has Mercury conjunct the Sun in Aries, showing where her skill in communicating is anchored. Her voice is trained and used well in her acting profession- on stage and film, currently doing voiceover for Admiral Janeway and hologram Janeway on Star Trek Prodigy, as well as in writing, having penned the memoirs “Born with Teeth” and “How to Forget”. Can you see how one with Sun (self) in Aries (independent) conjunct Mercury (writing) would be driven and inspired to write memoirs? Kate answered this calling with her two books. Perhaps there will be a third in the future. She certainly has a full and loyal fan base who would welcome a book that focuses on her thoughts and memories of playing Janeway.

Kate’s Jupiter is in Gemini. Jupiter is the explorer and the law. Gemini is social, interested in connections; its intellectual, driven to discovery, finding solutions, and fulfilling curiosity. This reflects in Captain Janeway’s ability to lead a starship of exploration, to abide by Starfleet protocol (even when lost in uncharted regions of space far from Starfleet Headquarters). It’s easy to picture the Captain in her formal uniform, hosting a new species of aliens in the mess hall in an exchange of cultural interests.

Not surprising, Kate has Venus exalted in Pisces. Venus is beauty and Kate is beautiful (which makes it probable that Venus somehow influences through rulership, position or aspect her 1st or 2nd Houses that represent overall appearance and face). Along with her strong Moon, this strong Venus gives her good looks, sensitivity, and strong femininity- balancing beautifully with the masculine, more aggressive energies of her strong Sun. This Venus also rules Taurus, where her Mars is located, indicating that- though she may be rough around the edges at times, defensive and stubborn at others- she prefers action and behavior that creates harmony and peace, unifying people rather than separating them. Kate can ‘gather up’ Mars energy and release it into her creative endeavors. Her Sun in Aries is second from Venus, giving her power and great stamina. This makes her an empowered, attractive woman. Her femininity, her artistic talent can shine through that powerful exalted Sun, who directs the action of her Venus-ruled Mars in Taurus.

Kate also has a doubly strong Saturn. Saturn is exalted in Libra and is retrograde (a strength in Vedic Astrology). Here we find her strength of discipline, ability to commit and not shy away from hard work. This also shows in Captain Janeway’s commitment to her duty, responsibility to Starfleet and crew, and to her ship itself, and her determination to get home. In Libra, Saturn strives to create lasting harmony and equality and makes a great mediator who watches out for everyone’s best interest. Libra, like Taurus, is ruled by Venus. Libra is the masculine expression of Venus while Taurus is the feminine expression of Venus—showing another area in Kate Mulgrew’s horoscope where there’s a nice balance of masculine and feminine energies. This Venus-ruled strong Saturn gives Kate longevity in entertainment and the arts. Her character Janeway alone is a fine example. Yes, Mulgrew’s career goes back many, many years prior to her entrance into Roddenberry’s Star Trek universe, but Janeway began in 1994, has remained a beloved character over the years (thank you streaming services), so much so that the writers of the franchise brought her back in not one but two new roles—that of hologram Janeway and Admiral Janeway on the animated, children’s series Prodigy. (Children young and old, thank you very much.) Where will the writers take her next? There’s a whole bunch of people anxiously waiting, who do not want her to retire anytime soon. Please don’t Kate.

Kate has Rahu and Ketu (the north and south nodes of the Moon) in Sagittarius and Gemini, respectively. Rahu in Sagittarius is in mutual aspect with her Jupiter in Gemini, expanding (as Rahu does) the Jupiterian motivation of growth, education, and exploration—a great combination for someone playing a starship captain, a role that is and will be her legacy—having reached millions of people (Rahu represents the masses as well as space and the field of aeronautics). Sagittarius is the traveler and philanthropist. Often Janeway uses both her intuition and her philosophical analysis of situations while solving issues. Her decision in the pilot episode to protect a race of people whom she doesn’t know, even when it means being stranded so far from home, is a good example of this. (Think of Captain Ransom of the USS Equinox in comparison. It’s highly unlikely that he would’ve made the same choice.)

Her Ketu in Gemini impacts Jupiter in Gemini. On the one hand, Ketu can cut away and let things go. In Gemini, Ketu gives Janeway the opportunities to meet many people and species but not necessarily maintain connections and relationships that last the test of time. On the other hand, Ketu conjunct Jupiter gives her the ability to break from rules and regulations (infamously for interrupting the timeline multiple times). 

In Kate’s life, Rahu in Sagittarius encourages her to follow her own path, chart her own course, live true to herself, her beliefs and aspirations and have faith; while Ketu in Gemini could create problems in communication and connections (especially in business), it also encourages soul-searching, spiritual thoughtfulness and inquiry to help lead the way.

It’s interesting to note that only one core cast member has their Moon conjunct Kate’s Sun- and that’s Robert Beltrane, the actor who plays Chakotay (with November 19, 1953 as his birthday). Sun and Moon. Captain and number 1. It’s poetic, and real- and also timely in showing a gender reversal and how successful it can be. She is the leader, the masculine ‘active’ energy (Sun). He is the feminine ‘passive’ energy (Moon). We see this in their roles where she rules with force and power with Starfleet training, experience, and status behind her while Chakotay reaches into his psyche, vision quests and dreams, his spirit guides and intuition to guide him and others. That said, its important to understand that Chakotay doesn’t lack masculinity, nor does Janeway lack femininity. The writers accomplished this balance for both characters quite well. Plus, Robert’s Sun is in mutual aspect with Kate’s Mars, reflecting the challenges of power that Janeway and Chakotay would have to confront occasionally. Does ‘mutiny’ ring a bell?

Kate states about her experience on Voyager in a quote on Wikipedia, “I’m proud of it. It was difficult; it was hard work. I’m proud of the work because I think I made some minor difference in women in science. I grew to really love Star Trek: Voyager, and out of a cast of nine, I’ve made three great friends, I managed to raise two children. I think, ‘it’s good. I used myself well’.”

I hope this has been another interesting example of how we can see the workings of astrology not just in our own birth charts but in other areas of life and interests. One of these days I’ll share a blog post about seeing the zodiac signs in music. That’s fun, too! For now, if anyone would like to delve deeper into the crew of Star Trek Voyager, here is a list of the birthdays for the remaining core cast members below. Please share your findings. And yes, I have to say it—Live long and prosper!

Roxann Dawson  (B’Elanna Torres) – September 11, 1958

Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01/Annika Hansen) – February 22, 1968

Garrett Wang (Ensign Harry Kim) – December 15, 1968

Robert Duncan McNeill (Ensign/Lt Tom Parris) – November 9, 1964

Robert Picardo (The Doctor) – October 27, 1953

Ethan Phillips (Neelix) – February 8, 1955

Tim Russ (Lt/Commander Tuvok) – June 22, 1956

Jennifer Lien (Kes) – August 24, 1974


Renate Maria Bell is a certified Vedic Astrologer, Jyotish Visharada, and approved teacher with the Council of Vedic Astrology. She can be reached at renatembell@aol.com

Photo of Kate Mulgrew from 2009 courtesy wikipedia commons, Photo of Kate (Janeway), Roxann Dawson (B’Elanna) and Jennifer Lien (Kes) from 1995 and Photo of Kate with Sir Patrick Stewart, Destination: Star Trek London 2012 courtesy wikipedia

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