Personally Processing Saturn

I decided to share a ‘personalized planetary process’ of my own -in reference to my previous post– in case you might be unsure of how to do this or feel hesitant to try. With a basic understanding of your birth chart (the planets, signs, and houses), and especially if you enjoy creative writing or journaling, think of the ‘fill in the blanks’ as writing prompts and let your astrology knowledge and your personal inquiries blend into a fun writing session with extra benefit. You’ll get to know your chart better, hence, yourself better. Click here for a free fill-in-the-blanks form that you can print out.

To establish the context of my example below, I’ve chosen Saturn, the planet strongly positioned in my natal chart and the ruler of my recently completed 19-year Mahadasha. This process or ‘meditative inquiry’ is a perfect way to sum up that timeframe for me. Keep in mind, you can still do this process no matter where you are in your previous or current Mahadasha, or simply work with any planet you want to at the time.

Here’s my sample, offering up a flavor of Saturn and its primary impact in my life:

Saturn, you have taught me:

How to: wait, patiently. How to hold my breath. Breathe slow. Release. You taught me how to stay incredibly committed to my dreams, my goals and aspirations and how to work hard and take everything day by day, even when envisioning years to come. To slow down and do the work.

Why I: prefer deep conversations, quality over quantity about anything including friends, why I don’t mind sitting on the floor, getting my hands dirty, and keeping company with the elderly.

That I am: always growing, a work in progress, like a cake -all ingredients carefully combined, still baking in the oven, not quite done yet. That I am a bit rough on the outside- age is definitely creeping in- but loving, non-judgmental (usually), friendly and kind. That I am in love with this beautiful Earth yet can feel (in a liberating way) emotionally detached from it simultaneously.

That I need: more humor in my life, to not take life too seriously. A few good friends who I can converse with about the deep, mystical, otherworldly topics that keep my heart beating most, giving me the safe space to be myself.

I feel comfortable when: I’m alone, thoroughly absorbed in my work or hobbies, when I’m behind the camera aiming at ordinary subjects to reveal their often unseen beauty, when I’m walking through the woods upon the carpet of fallen pine needles, a soft breeze whisping across my face, watching deer quietly approach while hearing a dozen different birdsongs.

I am uncomfortable when: people are arguing, gossiping, or disrespecting one another, when a toddler needs its diaper changed, when there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

That I am skilled at: organizing, categorizing, planning, and doing almost anything that requires focus and patience. Applying seeds and flower petals to a Tournament of Roses Parade float would be so cool.

I am vulnerable when: too many people are around and the noise level is high.

My strength is: my introverted personality, which for me, has made it comfortable to spend quality time in meditation, writing, studying, practicing astrology, walking in nature, photographing flora and fauna among other things.

The lesson of: trust, that everything has its season, that learning is endless, that Time is not to be feared or worried about but can be understood as a beacon directing the way, a light of awareness of the unfolding of this life.

Thank you (Saturn)

For helping me focus on: my personal and spiritual growth and stabilizing my career while doing so.

For showing me: that hard work pays off and it was worth every minute, that life occurs in cycles and the best we can hope for is that we’re spiraling upward and not going around and round stuck in the same circle.

Renate Maria Bell is a certified Vedic Astrologer, Jyotish Visharada, and approved teacher with the Council of Vedic Astrology. She can be reached at

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