When Is It Okay To Share Astrology Insights?

Confidentiality plays a big role in astrology. All professional astrologers are expected to adhere to this principle with their clients. Yet in training, astrology students work with the charts of famous and infamous celebrities and other people in the news, as long as their birth data is available. So is this a double-standard? Astrologers must be confidential with their clients but confidentiality regarding astrological insight derived from celebrities’ birth charts doesn’t count? Are we making an exception?

Not really. Celebrities are public figures (whether they like it or not). Most events and large situations in their lives (such as marriage and divorce, birth of children, health issues, and awards) are usually in the public’s awareness so when astrologers teaching their students are using celebrity charts as examples (or bloggers like me sharing case studies with readers who are interested in learning astrology or curious about how it works), most of the analysis, if not all of it, is astrological confirmation of already-public knowledge. We’re looking into their charts to find out if and how the planets are validating what we see going on in the news.

I’ve beeen thinking a lot about confidentiality and professional ethics after I shared my case study of Ashley Judd’s birth chart and then on April 30, 2022, I week after I posted it, her mother, Naomi, took her life. With respect to the Judds as they grieve their tremendous loss, I reacted immediately that day by taking down the case study from my website. I did so especially because I had acknowledged the difficulty Ashley shared about her childhood and how she felt abandoned (public knowledge). Naomi’s passing was over a month ago now (I am typing this on June 10, 2022) and I feel that the emotional tidal wave of shock and concern over the family has calmed. I also feel that it’s important for me to present astrology with respect as well; its wisdom and benefit are not meant to be hidden or tucked away when the going gets tough. In fact, most people consult astrologers when times are tough. They don’t schedule appointments when everything is going smooth and life is great!

In that light, I am republishing Ashley Judd’s case study with a brief message about her mother added at the end. If you’re interested in reading (or re-reading) Ashley Judd: A Queen Without Her Court, the link is here.

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