Ashley’s Analysis

After seeing the sad news tonight about the (I believe unexpected) death of Naomi Judd, mother of Ashley Judd (and sister Wynonna), I decided to take down my astrological analysis of Ashley’s birth chart posted on Friday. She did not put her mother in a very good light in her memoir and I followed with little positive words about Naomi in my interpretation of Ashley’s chart. I, therefore, feel it’s best to respect a grieving family, wishing them only love and healing, and will keep Ashley’s chart analysis private. If anyone wants to read it, email me, but I’m not going to have it publicly displayed on this site. Perhaps some day in the future, but now doesn’t feel right. Thank you for your understanding.


2 thoughts on “Ashley’s Analysis

  1. Hi Renate, It is interesting that yesterday I tried to read your blog on Ashley but the link did not direct me there. Then after hearing about Naomi’s passing, I thought of your blog and wondered if maybe you were picking up something psychically about this family.

    • Thank you for letting me know. I wonder why the link didn’t work. The blog post and linked article page were published the same way I’ve published the case studies currently in the menu. So that concerns me. More importantly, I’m sorry that I needed to remove the analysis. The Judd family has had their share of heartache. So sad. I do hope to return to their charts one day as the trying and sad times are just as important and revealing in charts as the extraordinary and wonderful. It’s how we astrologers and astrology students learn, as you well know.

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