Twins with Identical Birth Charts: What to Do?

My niece gave birth to twins a little over two years ago- a boy and a girl with unique appearances and very individual personalities. They are quite opposite from one another. Their natal charts are identical yet they couldn’t be more different! So where can an astrologer recognize their differences if they have the same birth charts, having arrived only a minute apart?

Hello vargas! That’s another name for divisional charts. If you think of the birth chart like an orange, divisional charts are like the segments- mathematically formulated. They are parts of the whole. The birth chart you’re familiar with is considered the first divisional chart. When you divide each sign of 30 degrees in half, you get the second divisional chart, the Hora, used for wealth. Divide into thirds and you get the Drekkana divisional chart for siblings, and so on. I’m not going to go into the specifics about the use of each divisional and which are most commonly used, but I would like to add that the ninth divisional chart, the Navamsha, is most important and should be read along with the birth chart for one’s life path (particularly the second half of life) as well as one’s partner. In the Vedic system of Astrology, as many as sixty divisional charts can be used. They are a must for prediction, along with the dasha timeline and transits.

Because my great-niece and great-nephew’s charts look like the same orange, I had to ‘dissect’ the chart until a difference between them finally showed up. The difference occurs at the 45th divisional chart, the AkshaVedamsha (that’s Sanskrit for ‘45th division’ and, thankfully, nowadays our astrology software does the calculations. I had to learn how to manually calculate them with my mentor many years ago).

So the kiddos have Taurus Ascendant in their natal charts but on their 45th divisional charts, my great-niece (the first born) has Cancer rising and my great-nephew (the younger of the two, technically) has Leo rising. Watching them grow and develop over these past two years I’ve noticed that my great-niece has used more facial expressions, easily mimicking other people, more so than her brother, and she is less likely to sit still (unless Cocomelon is on). Her brother, on the other hand, is ‘Mr. Chill’ and wants to examine everything before trying it out. He knows how to relax. He sits back with his hands behind his head (his default position wherever he might be but especially enjoys his corner of the couch). Now while they’re both doing similar things, so far she seems to be more engaging and readily wanting to connect with others. He also connects with others but enjoys his own space much more. A water sign, Cancer (my great-niece) connects particularly on an emotional level and is a loving, family-oriented, people-pleaser sign.  A fire sign, Leo (my great-nephew) is a more self-centered and self-driven, friendly sign who also likes to please people but from their own inspiration.

Not long after I noticed the 45th divisional charts and the different rising signs there, I laughed when I realized that the family had started calling my great-nephew the ‘King’ and he became attached to all things lion. For the first year and a half, he loved anything that had a lion on it including the cute lion-faced musical nightlight in his crib. So Leo! And my great-niece, well, she had her little soft baby blanket she couldn’t sleep without that she referred to as her ‘lovey’. So Cancer!

Another way of looking at twins is to observe the sibling houses. The 3rd House represents younger siblings. The 11th House represents older siblings. For the twins then, the 3rd House in my great-niece’s chart would represent her brother and the 11th House in my great-nephew’s chart would represent his sister.

Her younger brother is represented in her chart by the sign Cancer (3rd House), and we already see that she is quite protective of him, even though she is only a minute older. For my great-nephew, his ‘older’ sister is represented by the sign Pisces (11th House) and she is quite creative already and may very well be an inspiration to him throughout his life.

It will be fun and exciting to watch these two continue to develop their unique personalities and interests and see how different (or similar?) their life journeys will be. One thing we know for sure- they are both loved very much.


By Renate Maria Bell – certified Vedic Astrologer, Jyotish Visharada, and approved teacher with the Council of Vedic Astrology. She can be reached at  2022© Do not use, post, repost, or reprint in part or whole without the expressed written consent of the author.

Image courtesy Canva

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